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Feb 8, 2022

Canna Be Your Valentine?

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The month of February has finally rolled around and many of us are already thinking about what our Valentine’s Day  plans will be. Being located in a state where the weather is less than desirable this time of year, the idea of going outside anywhere might be less than appealing. Why not let us inspire your Valentine’s celebration instead?

So, no need to be glum about another night in the house because we have the *chef’s kiss* perfect combination of mellow activities so that you can experience an at-home self care night the RAIR Co. way. 

Smoke Sesh Playlist

First things first, you need to embrace the right mindset for a successful cannabis-infused Valentine’s Day. In order to get into the right mood for your relaxing night in, you’ll need the ideal combination of mellow tunes. So, instead of shuffling through random relaxation playlists or searching for the “best spa music of 2022” on Youtube, check out #2 of the smoke-sesh playlists that we have created. This playlist is the perfect combination of calming, zen music to get you into the right state of mind and get things off to the right start.

Infused Yums

Now that your music is squared away, it’s time for the best part of any party— the snacks and drinks! 

We are absolutely addicted to this recipe from Blooming Botanicals for CBD-infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” quite like chocolate, right? So, whether you’re spending the night with friends or loved ones, or enjoying a solo night for some much-needed self care, this is sure to become a favorite.

Also from Blooming Botanicals is one of our ultimate favorite CBD-infused drinks, CBD-Infused Lavender Lemonade. The perfect balance of sweet and tart, this mocktail is the perfect edition to any party, especially if you’re looking for something delicious that will also help you relax. 

If CBD isn’t the vibe you’re looking for, no worries! One of the things we are known for at RAIR is providing out consumers with all the information they need to pick the best strain for them. If you’re looking for mild or even high-relaxation strains, head into the store or order online for pickup or delivery. Protip: pay attention to the color of our RAIR labels— darker packaging and labels indicate the level of relaxation you can expect from those particular strains. Dark purple and navy blue are perfect for putting you in a mellow state of mind, while brighter colors will leave you feeling more uplifted and focused.


What better way to decompress from a tough week (or 2+ years) than with a massage to relieve those tense muscles? For many of us, body aches and tension are neither strangers nor friends, and we’re always looking for some much-needed relief. 

To ease tight muscles and sink into some top-notch relaxation, you’ve got to try cannabis-infused topical treatments (like rubs, salves, and balms). We carry an array of topical products from a myriad of different brands, all of whom are top of the line in the cannabis space. Luxuriate in the silky feel of these balms on your skin, allowing the healing effects of cannabis to relieve tension and pain, and put you in an utter state of calm and relaxation. Ahhh. Now, doesn’t that sound just heavenly?

And there you have it! No need for fancy restaurants and bouquets of roses this year (although we do love us some top-notch flower)!

From the music to the massage, the snacks to the drinks, we’ve set you up with a 100% RAIR-approved way to ease tension, calm your nerves, and really embrace all the most enjoyable parts of Valentine’s Day— or any holiday, really.

If you’re unsure which brands or products would be best for your particular needs, head on over to any of our locations to chat with one of our Guides. They’re always happy to help point you in the right direction and match you with the best options for you.

 As always, please consume CBD and THC safely and responsibly. 

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