Apr 21, 2021

Cannabis Tinctures: What They Are & When to Use Them

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New and potential consumers to the ever-evolving cannabis market can get easily overwhelmed, even sidetracked, by the array of options available at their local dispensary or provisioning center. Flowers, edibles, concentrates like distillate, rosin, and shatter…and, of course, vapes; there’s a lot to choose from. As more Americans delve into cannabis, the interest in micro-dosing (ingesting or inhaling small amounts of cannabinoids to enjoy the effects without feeling high), continues to go up.

Here, we will discuss why tinctures – both market mainstays and legendary, potent cannabis products in their own right – may be just the thing a new consumer is looking for, especially if they’re interested in relieving pain or stress via micro-dosing.

What is a tincture?

Tinctures didn’t just come around as cannabis started to legalize in states throughout the U.S., these concentrated herbal extracts have been used in traditional medicine for millennia. Humans across cultures have utilized the health and medicinal benefits of various plants, barks, fruits, and berries by soaking them with a solvent, such as alcohol, or oil.

As such, tinctures are one of the oldest forms of cannabis consumption and have been relied on for their safety and potency. Today, they’re touted for ease of precise dosing due to typically being packaged with a dropper and for their versatility. You can ingest drops of your favorite tincture under the tongue (aka sublingually), orally into the mouth, or by adding to food or drink.

Is a tincture right for me?

Even if you’re a beginner cannabis consumer, you’ve likely already heard that smoking weed and eating an infused gummy are different experiences. This is because of the way cannabinoids enter your body, as inhaling or smoking will typically give a faster high by entering the bloodstream, and ingesting them leads to absorption in the stomach and subsequent metabolization in the liver. To put it simply, ingesting often produces a stronger, longer-lasting high.

Tinctures offer the potency of an edible while providing a discreet, easily dosed avenue for consumption that many new users are looking for. And for those looking to microdose, tinctures are well suited.

Does dosage matter?

Though many people are interested in the pain and stress relieving benefits of cannabis, they may be nervous about feeling “too high.” That’s where micro-dosing comes in.

This method of cannabis use involved inhaling or ingesting small amounts of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids in order to enjoy the medicinal and recreational effects without experiencing side effects, like anxiousness, that can happen in higher doses. Recent studies have shown micro dosing to be effective for pain management and anecdotal evidence suggests that many people microdose to help with concentration, stamina, and more.

How do I choose the best tincture?

Just as you should determine the best cannabis product for your needs, you’ll need to choose the right tincture. Our RAIR Peppermint helps specifically promote pain relief with 200MG of THC distillate mixed with pharmaceutical-grade coconut oil and is ideal for micro-dosing.

Other tinctures on the market may include CBD or a ratio of THC and CBD, such as 1:1, plus oils or flavors to enhance taste and effects. Always ask a Guide or budtender for their recommendations as you start exploring what’s available.

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