May 29, 2021

Cannabis Travel Guide 2021: Weed-Friendly Vacation Ideas in Michigan

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Last week, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that outside restrictions on gatherings and travel due to the pandemic will be lifted come June 1. And if things continue looking bright by July, nearly all pandemic precautions – including indoor capacity limits – will be lifted, too. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been itching to get out and explore for a while, but there’s no need to make far-away plans…especially if you want to include some green in your next getaway.

As we outlined in a previous article on Michigan law, it’s legal to travel with up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis. But you can’t just toke it up anywhere, because to consume cannabis, you must be on private property. This could be your home, residence, or even in your car; in some cases, it could include your hotel room, but keep in mind that hotels and Airbnbs are allowed to enforce additional rules on those staying. Nonetheless, there is plenty of opportunity to take your cannabis on the road and hit one of the below destinations for a day trip or weekend no matter your mood.


For when you want to go Dutch

During Spring, this quaint town is known for the Tulip Time Festival, when (you guessed it) tulips line streets, shops, and markets. But there’s something to love about Holland during any time of the year due to its rich Dutch heritage, shown in everything from architecture to the local restaurants. Though you sadly won’t find any coffee shops – aka, the recreational cannabis lounges famous in large cities throughout the Netherlands  – you’ll find plenty of small-town charm to enjoy. We recommend checking out the DeZwaan windmill.

And if you’ve got an extra 40 minutes, take a quick drive up to Muskegon to visit our RAIR provisioning center.

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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

For the adventurer in all of us

One of six national parks and trails in the state, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is the dream for any outdoor lover. It’s known for its sandstone cliffs, dunes, beaches, lakes, forests…and just about any other natural wonder you could hope for depending on the season you visit. Particularly impressive are the various waterfalls, formed with the help of abundant sandstone, like Miners Fall. Just remember that using cannabis (including in your car) is illegal on national park property, so you’ll need to have a DD buddy to come along with you while you blaze in the car before entering.

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For when you want to paint the town green

Who could include a list of Michigan destinations without including Motor City? For a town that blessed us with Ford and Franklin, there’s plenty to do if you’re interested in learning about either (the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and Motown Museum, respectively). But this city is also home to incredible restaurants, art, outdoor spaces, shopping, and so much more. Take a toke in your car before checking out the Detroit Institute of Arts and if you need a 420-friendly place to stay, book with a ‘bud’ and breakfast, The Copper House.

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Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

For those that love wacky attractions

Though not a roadside tourist trap, there’s still plenty of camp to be found at this very-northern museum along Lake Superior. Who would have guessed that there’s so much wreckage in these waters? Here, you can view artifacts from various shipwrecks – including the bronze bell recovered from the infamous Edmund Fitzgerald wreck in 1975 – as well as learn about the area’s maritime history. This spot is both an endearing tribute to genuine tragedies and a mysterious, history-fueled look at our society’s obsession with shipwreck tales…you’ll definitely want to be at least a little high for the ride.

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As you prepare travel plans, be sure to regularly check the state’s COVID-19 information site for updates on restrictions, social distancing, mask wearing, and more. Please follow all local, state, and national guidelines.

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