May 27, 2021

How to Wake & Bake: Tips & Tricks for a Successful Morning Session

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The legendary “wake and bake” is a staple of cannabis culture; it’s so well known that it’s been used as a branding device, derogatory reference to the so-called stoner lifestyle, mantra, and likely much more. We’d guess that it’s safe to say even novice consumers are familiar with the phrase. But what does it actually connote?

Not much. To wake and bake means something different to different people, therefore doesn’t require being tied to any sort of particular mystique or lifestyle. Some of us use cannabis first thing in the morning to de-stress and self medicate in preparation for the workday, while others may do so for ultimate relaxation on days they don’t have much to do. Medical marijuana patients have also been known to specifically use cannabis in the am to help stimulate appetite. No matter your routine, we’ve got some basic tips to ensure your morning session stays fun.

Remember to prep the night before

Being in a rush or forgetting your plans is never good. It’s no secret that marijuana use can impact your memory and even make basic tasks harder to accomplish, so get everything you need to do written down and all items for the day accounted for before bedtime. If you’re working or going out, make sure you have clothes cleaned and ready (and these should be different from whatever clothes you’ll wear during your morning smoke sesh). For any tasks you plan to accomplish day of, write them down to make them easy to follow.

To breakfast or not to breakfast?

Not everyone eats first thing in the morning, and that’s okay. But be mindful that using cannabis, whether it be right when you wake up or shortly after you’ve eaten something, tends to stimulate appetite. It can be easy to reach for candy and other too-indulgent food when you have the munchies, so try getting your breakfast ingredients ready or even have your meal pre-made, like a smoothie kept in the fridge. Or, if you’re hoping to use cannabis as a sort-of aperitif to a homemade weekend brunch, ensure you have recipes laid out and ready beforehand.

Stay hydrated throughout the day

Cannabis use, particularly smoking, can increase dehydration. Dry eyes and cotton mouth are the most common symptoms that people notice. Keep a water bottle with you if you’re going out or a glass handy at home all throughout the day, both before and after your session, to stay hydrated and alleviate any negative side effects.

Choose your strain and dosage wisely

Let’s be honest – getting too high is never fun. In the morning, this can set a bad tone for the rest of the day, so pace yourself. Depending on what your plans are, like work or chill, you may choose a strain more likely to give certain effects. For a busy day to knock off your to-do list, smoke something like the RAIR Platinum Garlic for a buzzier kind of high. If you’re simply lounging in sweats watching movies or listening to a chill playlist all day, you may want to go with flower more suited for couch-locking, like the RAIR Original Glue. Extracts or tinctures, though not exactly fitting the “bake” aspect of the phrase, also provide excellent morning highs – try the RAIR Peanut Butter Breath live badder or Peppermint tincture.

Due to edibles having the tendency to give rather strong effects (thanks to being metabolized by the liver), we don’t recommend starting your morning with them if you have a day full of plans. But including infused goodies into your breakfast is definitely an option for lazy Sundays.

As we all have different wants with our cannabis, so too do we have different expectations of the lauded wake and bake. With these tips top of mind, you’ll be able to get the most out of yours no matter what it entails.

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