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Dec 4, 2021


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The holidays are almost upon us (amazing how time flies, right?) which means it’s finally time to address that holiday gift list that we know you’ve been avoiding. With shortages everywhere and so many ordered presents lost in the web of mail facilities, don’t you think it’s about time you start looking closer to home for gift ideas? 

If only buying presents for adults could be as easy as getting them for kids — drive to the store, pick out a toy, and call it a day. Alas, finding gifts for grownups is not nearly so simple… or is it? 

After a particularly stressful last couple of years, more people than ever are in need of some time to focus on themselves — both physically and mentally — so why not give them a gift that they’ll love and will actually use? We’ve got you. 

We’re going to break down some of the best (and most practical) canna-gifts so that you can treat your loved ones to something that is sure to keep them merry and bright. 


Cannabis products are a gift that never goes out of style (trust us). From smokeables like flower or vapes, to ingestibles like gummies, chocolate, or tinctures, there is a gift for every grownup at RAIR. One of the best things about shopping for gifts at a dispensary is that you can easily customize for each person all in one place. Our RAIR Guides are well-versed in every product, strain, and application and are more than happy to help you navigate which option is best for each person on your list. 

Looking to earn a few bonus points for something handmade? Stock up on flower and make your own giftable cannabutter or infused oils at home. Bake them into your own edibles for extra-festive Christmas cookies or pour into decorative jars so your loved ones can use at their leisure. Not sure where to start, check out our cannabutter and cannaoil recipe: here.

Or maybe you’d like to inspire a loved one’s inner chef going into the new year? Each of our RAIR Co. locations is stocked with cookbooks of all stripes and varieties packed full of infused recipes that may have them rethinking a career path in baking! From appetizers to beverages, there is a recipe for every occasion and then some.


Any cannaisseur knows that the products are only relevant if you have the right equipment. Gifting friends or family members with the right accessories can elevate their cannabis game to levels they’ve never experienced before (especially if you still know people who are smoking out of an apple). 

And, if you’re wondering, our RAIR Guides can help you with this as well. Many people don’t realize that different accessories should be used depending on your level of cannabis experience. For beginners, starting with a bowl or vape is a great way to ease into the game, while more advanced users will enjoy a bong or a pipe. 

RAIR is lucky to be a distributor of some of the best and most beautiful accessories in the cannabis space which make the perfect gifts for folks of all experience levels. For those who may be looking to dabble in concentrates, we highly recommend our line of PuffCo products— specifically the “Peak Pro” and the “Vision Plus”. These two exceptional products make experimenting with concentrates a seamless experience and are some of our best sellers year-round. 

Of course, we can’t forget about the necessities for our flower-lovers. One of our favorite products for flower smokers are the truly magnificent My Bud Vase creations from Doreen Sullivan. These vases double as works of art as well as sophisticated smoking devices and are sure to wow any recipient this holiday season.  

Now, if you’re looking to keep your money invested locally (which we highly support), you’re going to love the beautiful creations from Global Glassworks. Working alongside the Michigan Glass Project, local artists in Lansing, Michigan design and hand-blow intricate and stunning glass bowls that will elevate any flower-lover’s experience to highs they could never dream of.

And, of course, we sell an incredible array of grinders and papers for all those who like to kick it old school. If it ain’t broke, right?

Shopping Spree

Still not sure what product or accessory would be the perfect fit for that dark horse on your list? Don’t worry, we’ve got an idea. We hear all the time how many people use and consume cannabis, but have never actually set foot in a dispensary. Why? Because it can be intimidating to be the “newbie” and ask “stupid questions.” 

So, if you are set on giving a canna-gift but want your loved one to get exactly what they want, why not treat them to a visit at one of our locations? They’ll get three gifts in one: the cannabis treats they want, quality time with you, and their maiden visit to a dispensary.

Maybe they’re not feeling up to leaving the house? We’ve got you covered there, too. Treat them to a shopping spree of RAIR products from the comfort of their home, and they can order for a no-minimum delivery right to their door. And, honestly, as the weather gets chillier, giving the gift of not having to leave the house might be the best present yet!

Sidestep the shopping stress and let RAIR Co. be your one-stop-shop this holiday season. No matter the person, we’ve got a gift option for everyone (the grownups, at least) on your holiday list. Check out our SHOP PAGE for inspiration and find a store near you to start feeling those holly, jolly holiday vibes!

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