Jul 16, 2021

Muskegon Cannabis Road Trip: Dispensaries, Attractions & More

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Right on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan is…Muskegon. Offering scenic hiking trails, state parks, restaurants and local culture via art museums and nautical history, there’s plenty to stop by and see – whether you’re coming from another part of the state or you’re a local. Plus, Muskegon has a thriving cannabis scene with many dispensaries (including a Rair provisioning center), making it an ideal destination for those seeking some green for their trip. We’ve banded together with six industry leaders of the area to show you how to do vacation mode properly while in the so-called port city, so see below for a list of dispensaries and attractions that make the perfect pair.

Rair Muskegon Provisioning Center

Shop our cutting-edge pre-rolls before hitting the Walk-a-Mile trail at Hoffmaster State Park

Across from Marsh Field is our Muskegon location, where you and your buddies can purchase premium cannabis products – including pre-roll flower cultivated using aeroponic technology that gives us total control over the crop. Our guides will help you choose the best product before doing the 1.7 mile Hoffmaster State Park hike, which weaves through beautiful beaches and foliage of Lake Michigan.

Bella Sol Wellness Center

Medical users will rejoice at the wide selection before taking it slow on the Dune Climb Stairway trail

Just next door to Rair, this dispensary holds discounts for both medical and recreational consumers, meaning there’s something for everyone. Take your pick of high-quality products before walking the 4.1 mile Hoffmaster State Park trail for lakeside views, wildlife viewing, and – you guessed it – incredible sand dunes.


High-quality cannabis meets community so that you can learn some local history via a submarine museum

This dispensary has plenty to offer for every cannabis consumer around. Grab any pre-roll, with flower cultivated by experts that pay attention to the little details, and puff with your buddies before stepping into the USS Silversides Submarine Museum to learn more about the local history of both Muskegon and Lake Michigan.

Timber Cannabis Co.

Pay homage to the lumber and hemp industries of Michigan for the engaging exhibits at the Muskegon Museum of Art

As this dispensary points out, Michigan has a long history of both lumber and hemp, particularly during World War II’s “Hemp for Victory” campaign. Choose something exciting, then get ready for a day of refinement and creativity at the local art museum – which has operated as an art gallery since 1912.

New Standard at Park Place

Walk along an abandoned railroad after choosing a go-to from this popular Michigan cannabis chain

With a selection of some of the finest products in the industry, this dispensary is a must for any canna-lover in Muskegon. We recommend something classic before strolling along the 11.5 mile Fred Meijer Berry Junction trail, which snakes along an abandoned railroad track through oak and pine forests (oh, and Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park).

NOBO Muskegon

Enjoy the new location and relaxing atmosphere of this dispensary while planning your historic home tour

You’ll want to have a puff or two of the premium flower from this local cannabis outpost before heading over to the Hackley and Hume Historic Site, a collection of homes once owned by local lumber barons of the late 19th century. The detailed wood carvings, stained glass, and incredible period furniture will seem even more awe-inspiring after a little cannabis break.

There’s plenty to see and do while in Muskegon, and when you have cannabis with you from one of the above dispensaries, you can’t go wrong on your vacation (or, for the locals, staycation). And until September 30, you can also grab a Muskegon Pre-Roll Trail Map from any of the above dispensaries for stamps along the way; shopping pre-rolls at all six stores will earn you a branded t-shirt. Just remember that due to local and federal regulations, you can’t use cannabis in state parks or sites, so make sure you have a DD buddy with you so that you can safely blaze up in the car before heading out.

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