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Lead Like Women

It’s no secret that here at RAIR, we value inclusivity and the strength of women in leadership. That’s why, at every key point in our business, we include their expertise and knowledge in executive roles.

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The Entourage Effect

Fortunately for pain sufferers, advances in our understanding of how cannabinoids interact is creating new opportunities for finding effective, if temporary, pain relief with cannabis. One of the most significant changes is based around a theory called The Entourage Effect.

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The Anatomy of Cannabis

Just like with the human body, the different facets of the cannabis plant all play important—although different— roles. From the leaves to the nodes, the stem to the trichomes, each individual aspect of this plant is crucial in utilizing all the incredible things it has to offer. Let’s break things down, shall we?

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The holidays are almost upon us! Are you ready?

We’re going to break down some of the best (and most practical) canna-gifts so that you can treat your loved ones to something that is sure to keep them merry and bright. 

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