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Spooky Halloweed - The Darker History Of Cannabis

In honor of the spooky season, we thought it would be interesting to take a step back from the contemporary marijuana dealings and delve into the mysterious, murky waters of the ritualistic history of cannabis.

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Smoking vs Edibles: Breaking Down the Differences

Because of the unique ways in which the plant interacts with our endocannabinoid system and metabolism, the high you experience can be very different depending on the method.

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Muskegon Cannabis Road Trip: Dispensaries, Attractions & More

As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides and more people are traveling both locally and nationally, there are those looking for an easy adventure. If you’re in the Muskegon area, you’re in luck: there’s plenty of dispensaries and attractions to make it a great destination for any cannabis-loving traveler.

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Debunking the Most Common Myths About Marijuana

There’s a lot of misconceptions out there around our favorite plant. As more states across the country look to legalize, many of these ideas may come to the surface, so it’s important for consumers to understand what’s true and what’s false about cannabis.

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