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Cannabis Concentrates 101: Dabbing Etiquette, Guidelines & Tips

You may not realize that cannabis culture has guidelines for conduct, and when you’re a newbie, more “specialized” ways of consuming – like dabbing – can seem particularly daunting.

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How to Wake & Bake: Tips & Tricks for a Successful Morning Session

Whether a morning sesh is your go-to or something you reserve for weekends, we’ve outlined some steps to help keep it relaxed and stress-free.

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Cannabis Tinctures: What They Are & When to Use Them

With plenty of options for cannabis consumption available, it’s easy for front-runners like flower and edibles to take the spotlight. But let’s not forget about tinctures – the perfect introduction to the market for those interested in their micro-dosing and medicinal benefits.

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CBD vs THC: What’s the Difference?

You don’t have to be a cannabis expert to know that CBD and THC aren’t the same things. But do you know what makes them different?

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