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Rewards Program

Our Rair Rewards Program allows our loyal customers to receive exclusive discounts.

Here is how the Rewards Program works

Hold your camera up to this QR Code to join

  1. $1 spent at Rair earns you 1 point
    (except for Tuesday where $1 = 2 points)
  2. If you are already enrolled and want to check
    how many points you have earned,
    text “Wallet Rair” to (313) 217- 3242

It’ easy, join now!

  1. Our Guides can enroll you if you visit
    one of our store locations
  2. You can send a simple text:
    “Join Rair” to (313) 217- 3242
  3. To continue directly to enrollment and earn
    your first poin
    t Click Here